April 9, 2016


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Cauliflower is now the vegetable to add bulk to many meal creations. I waited too long to be daring to try this scary vegetable. It is not colorful or visually inviting to my palate. Oh, but it is a filler to many dishes now that I strive to add more vegetables to mo my meals.

Instead of automatically reaching for rice or potatoes for a side dish, I now grab cauliflower to slice or chop to cook with. Cauliflower is added to my baking sheet of assorted vegetables to roast. Roasting vegetables drizzled with olive oil and sprinkle of salt & pepper brings out sweetness to vegetables.

Stirfrying vegetables to serve with a choice of stir fried protein is bulked-up with chopped cauliflower. Add low sodium soy sauce or low sodium broth and a delicious creation is prepared.

A quick steaming of cauliflower followed by a quick pulsing in a food processor produces a texture similar to rice. Use “cauliflower rice” to compliment a stew, a stirfry, and even a soup.

Experiment and create dishes with a healthy vegetable choice. Cauliflower is not scary for me anymore.


Leftover vegetables including roasted cauliflower in my scrambled eggs.





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