Welcome to Prep2eat

Mouth watering packets of a favorite comfort food.

Mouth watering packets of a favorite comfort food.

Hello, thanks for dropping in. (Reposting this Welcome Page for new viewers)

Why this name, Prep2eat, for my food blog? This is a place to prepare to eat with your eyes as well as be inspired to cook by doing the prep work for stress-free meal preparation.

The French word for organizing your ingredients before the cooking process is called “Mise En Place”, everything in its place. How important is this organizational process? Well, have you ever started to cook something and realize you do not have one or more of the ingredients to prepare the dish? Yup, panic, stress, and disappointment.

I have learned over many years of cooking at home what it takes for me to enjoy the cooking process. First being prepared by reading a recipe, gathering all of the ingredients for the food I am preparing and having the cooking utensils, pots and pans and all. Then comes the reward of personal satisfaction, confidence and pleasure from a delicious meal or treat that I prepared all by myself.

As cooking confidence grows, one is able to entertain happily and more relaxed. My family and guests notice a casual ease of serving them and therefore they relax. Starting with an easy appetizer, a simple meal and something sweet to round out a pleasurable dining experience is a good formula to follow.

My Facebook Page is also called Prep2eat. This is where I post many of my foodie interests without recipes. Photos and links are provided for my favorite foodie things.!/Prep2eat

Looking forward to inspiring you to find your kitchen and cook! Spice things up, invite others to contribute to a mini feast. Instant party.

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