October 28, 2013

Chicken Stew With Chicken Sausage

Updated recipe photos of Chicken Stew with Chicken and Cheese Sausages
(By The Souper at Prep2eat, 2014)

image image


Photos by Prep2eat 2013

New England is bursting with color now that we are well into autumn. At this time of year it is normal to see orange trees, yellow trees and red trees.  Crisp cool days followed by colder nights signal leaves to change from their summer green to bright autumn glow.

This photo was taken in late afternoon with part of the sky grayish and some sunlight just before dusk was shining upon this beautiful tree with bright orange leaves. Enjoy.


The cool brisk air begs my taste buds to bring on some heat.  I decided to play around with my go-to Chicken Paprika Stew and take the recipe to a more intense level to satisfy my craving for something spicy. While watching one of my favorite cooking shows on The Cooking Channel called “Extra Virgin” about husband and wife, actress and Tuscan farmer, cooking together, I was inspired to cook with sausage.  While at the market to buy my chicken thighs, I also bought some Italian sausage with peppers and onions.  This proved to be an excellent choice in a very tasty way.

Food photos and recipe continued below:



The one-pot meal comes together easily with a little prepping before the cooking process.  One hint:  sprinkle paprika heavily on the chicken pieces, both sides, and let stand at room temperature for about ten minutes before browning in a Dutch oven or large fry pan.  The paprika is the star ingredient of the saucy stew. (Details of the recipe process later in this post.)

Enjoy some photos from the cooking process 🙂







A couple of my favorite items in this recipe:

Wine and Chicken Broth</a

Approximate time to prepare ingredients for this stew is about 20 minutes.
The cooking time to include browning the chicken, saute of vegetables and complete cooking process with lid on is about one hour.

What you will need to prepare this recipe:

Large cutting board
Kitchen knife
Vegetable peeler
Large frying pan or Dutch oven with matching lid
Two large baking sheets (one for raw chicken, the other for partially cooked chicken parts.)
Pair of tongs or large fork
Two wooden spoons
Table spoon for tasting
Pot holders


Six chicken parts of choice, bone in with skin on or boneless with no skin. I chose boneless and skinless chicken thighs. (Two small boneless, skinless chicken breast cutlets were also included for members of my family preferring the white meat.) In total about six  chicken pieces.

Paprika and Smoked Paprika, approximately two table spoons of each, or more. Enough to cover chicken parts completely on both sides.

Six small chicken sausages made with peppers and onions, casings removed, cut in slices.

One medium onion, chopped.

One sweet potato, peeled, cut into cubes.

Two large carrots, peeled and cut into chunks.

Three cups butternut squash, cut into chunks.

Four tablespoons of canola oil

Four tablespoons all purpose flour

Two cups low-sodium chicken broth

One cup white wine of choice.  I used Chardonnay having a smooth, buttery flavor.

One half cup chopped kale or parsley

The Cooking Process:

Prepare the fresh vegetables by washing and drying the carrots. Peel and cut into chunks.

Cut the butternut squash in slices from the narrow part of a whole butternut squash then cutting away the outer rind. Cut the peeled squash into chunks.

Peel the onion to remove outer skin.  Cut into slices.

Wash, dry and peel the sweet potato. Cut into chunks.

On a large baking sheet, put chicken parts on to be sprinkled with both paprika and smoked paprika.  Let the chicken parts stay at room temperature for ten minutes with the paprika(s) on both sides.

Keep the cut vegetables separated from the uncooked chicken parts.

Put the canola oil in a large frying pan or dutch oven and bring stove top burner to medium heat.
Add several of the chicken pieces coated with paprika to brown in the heated canola oil. After two to three minutes turn the chicken pieces over with a pair of tongs or large fork. When chicken pieces are browned on both sides, carefully remove them to a clean baking sheet until adding them back into the cooking stew. Repeat this step for all chicken pieces.

Add the cut vegetables into the frying pan or dutch oven to saute and sprinkle flour on all of the cooking vegetables to coat them. Keep stirring the vegetables around so they do not burn. This step cooks the flour a bit before adding liquids.

After two to three minutes, slowly add the white wine and keep stirring the vegetables. At this point the sliced sausage can be added to the frying pan along with the cooking vegetables. This will add a little bit of fat from the sausage and will make some tasty bits at this cooking step.

After about one minute when the wine has cooked a bit add the chicken broth and continue to stir the vegetables. The liquids combine with the floured vegetables to form a gravy. (If too dry, slowly add some water to make more gravy.) Scrape any bits from bottom of the pan into the gravy while stirring.

Add the partially cooked chicken parts back into the frying pan or dutch oven on top of the cooking vegetables. Cover the frying pan or dutch oven and lower burner heat to low setting.

Cook the stew for 20-30 minutes covered until the chicken parts are thoroughly cooked.

At serving time, top the stew with some chopped kale or parsley for that pop of color.


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